Hitched: Duncan and Traiano

Last wedding for the season and what a way to end it with a winter celebration in the Dandenong Ranges. It was an honour to be able to share such a special day with two beautiful souls and all the wonderful family and friends whose love for them both shone throughout the whole day.

Some of the most heartfelt vows I have ever heard left not a single person dry eyed...including us!

Big thanks yet again to my wonderful partner in crime, Ben...

Cat, Dane, & Little Miss Ivy

I really enjoy family shoots where the prerequisite is 'just turn up and lets see what happens'. 

Of course this could be a recipe for disaster and I am sure it isn't for everyone, this time however it turned out for the best. I am quite sure this has everything to do with these two being utterly chuffed about the addition to their family...welcome to the world little Ivy!

Jas and Wei

Such a relaxed day and a big lesson in how amazing things can be when they are not planned down to the minute! Jas and Wei arrived at their wedding as if they were the guests, greeting people, casual chatting with their celebrant. The only real request they made was to make sure I captured their 'groomsman' and their fabulous suits! The groomsman each had four legs...no seriously!

Hitched: Rohini & Stefan

Wedding dress arriving with the family from India the week of the ceremony...much stress? No not for this bride. I don't think I have seen anyone ride the waves of an event quite as seamlessly as Rohini. Perhaps it is indeed the calming influence of Stefan. 

Such a pleasure to be around and share their special day.

Children of the Pine

It is so lovely to get away from the hustle of CBD even if it's only 20kms out...and yes I did get lost but that was sooo Google Maps fault. What is with that ridiculous bobbing blue ball?

But I did get to snap some wee pixies, and paws, and the grown ups that make it all work. And we may have eaten too many chilies, and cheese, and cupcakes and not realised this until the following day...but we did have a lot of fun!

Bellies, Bubs, & Backyard Antics!

What a backyard! Maybe you just don't notice your own...or perhaps if you have had the pleasure of seeing mine you would understand my excitement about this one. Trees and plants for a start, and a gorgeous little rustic shed with paint peeling from the doors and dented corrugated iron...maybe it's just the obsession with having an interesting backdrop who knows but I am sure I didn't notice my friends gardens as much as I do these days!

...but hang on I was actually in the garden with a purpose...to capture this lovely family before the arrival of another wee boy.


Something in the Pipeline

This little cherub is going to be collaborating with me on a personal project that has been simmering away all year...more to come on that...today though we were just messing about when I asked her to go stand in the light over by the window. 

She responded "sure, but I am not smiling for these ones, these are not smiley shots!"

She was of course right...

Baby Guerrilla at Post Industrial Design

I kept seeing these interesting pieces of art work on walls around town, a girl being swept through the air on the claws of an eagle, a child and mother floating under an umbrella...whimsical, dreamy, and I found myself staring and drifting off somewhere quiet. The artist is Baby Guerrilla and her mission is to "liberate art from the galleries...set it free, make it accessible to everyone" which she does beautifully. 

What I didn't know is that along with her alluring street art are her equally sublime paintings which were exhibited at Post Industrial Design earlier this year. So inspirational...

Prison Break

Ahh Melbourne weather we all talk about it but when it goes for 42 degrees to 22 degrees in a matter of minutes it can make for some interesting changes to a planned shoot. Lucky for that hole in the wall or Jono and I would have been wandering around aimlessly looking for shelter.

Oh and we got to see the inside of an infamous jail...shhh!

Yarraville Festival

Whoever would have thought that this festivus has been going for 27 years but it has, and I'm sure over that time it has mirrored the changing demographic of the local community.

It is always nice to see impressive arts and crafts made by the locals...and food...and drink...is it ever too hot to eat Paella?

In Print

I love these guys from Post Industrial Design. The have a great gallery that supports local artists, quirky little gift shop, and Jos makes some pretty amazing pieces...oh and they're in my local hood so even better. Mary puts on some amazing exhibitions too so it's definitely worth a look see. I felt pretty excited also to have my photo used for an article about their awesome work...credited or not!

Hitched: Catherine & Jeremy

I feel pretty special that these guys trusted me, in my infancy to capture their wedding day. 

There was no denying the love between them and the whole day reflected their synchronicity. They got ready together, they arrived together, the laughed and cried together...and it just all flowed...seamlessly!

A special thanks also goes to my assistant Sharlene...imagine if I missed 'that' kiss!


Sedonia- where all things beautiful can be found. Nicola & Inge have such exquisite taste and the discovery of this store ignited my obsession with clogs! Long time locals with a love for the neighbourhood you will never be greeted without a smile and a good old fashioned chit chat.

Here She Comes...

Even upside down this little monkey holds her grip and as we desperately await her arrival she is in no hurry to turn around and face the right direction! So what's a mama to do...well of course, bake muffins. Lucky for me I was also in no hurry as there was no way any pictures were going to be taken before the mama ate muffins. I dare you to argue with a pregnant woman. Well it was worth the wait and not just for the muffins either, but we got to see the papa too!

WEst FOotscray COOL

WEFO COOL well yes I guess it is and yet I still often get asked "how can you live out in the west, it's like so industrial". It got me thinking about all of the good things about living over this side of the river and I thought I would capture some and share it every so often. 

This little snippet is of West 48 - good coffee, all day breaky, & awesome service from co-owners Steffan & Jagdev without the attitude. Refreshing really.